Our Valentine’s day dilemma

Our Valentine’s Day Dilemma

Flowers are our business – and Valentine’s Day is BIG business – so it may, on the face of it, seem ironic that we’ve decided not to sell Valentine’s Day bouquets this year.

We’re selling vouchers (accompanied by one of our hand-made fabric hearts) for bouquets and courses later in the year, and for those of you looking for a gift that keeps on giving (after all, romance isn’t just for Valentine’s Day!) we’re offering flower subscriptions. We’ve thought and debated long and hard about whether we should bite the bullet on the Valentine’s bouquet front: here are our reasons for deciding against.

Organic Blooms promotes British-grown cut flowers and, to put it plainly, there are very few flowers in season in Britain at this time of year. In spite of the valiant efforts of a few narcissi and anemones, which look beautiful but are not strong enough this early in the season to meet our quality standards, it is too soon for anything of any volume to be in bloom in our own cutting garden here in South Gloucestershire.

In the far South West – the Scillies, Cornwall and parts of Devon – the early Spring flower season is already underway and we do buy a select range of flowers from fellow growers in those areas for some of our early season bouquets. But the timings of the logistical process and Valentine’s Day falling on a Tuesday do not tie up – by the time we could get a bouquet delivered into the arms of your beloved, the flowers would have been cut for what we feel to be an unacceptable length of time to do them justice.

And tempting as it is from a commercial perspective to exploit the Valentine’s bouquet market, popular Valentine’s flowers such as the red rose are simply not in season at this time of year. Even if we were to buy in organically-grown stems from warmer climes, they would still need to transported vast distances by air and road in energy-hungry refrigerated vehicles, and that would grate against the grain of our Organic Blooms ethos.

For those of you who go with the voucher option this year, we look forward to making up your bouquets with our own flowers fresh from our cutting garden later in the year, or welcoming the object of your affections onto one of our courses. For those of you who prefer to give a physical gift on the day, we are working on a range of alternative Valentine’s offerings for next year – ones that we think you’ll love and that reflect what Organic Blooms is all about.


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